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Data Storage, Backup and Archival made effective

We will help you take advantage of AWS storage services, and make sure that storing and archiving data in the cloud is flexible, hassle-free and efficient. Managing backups and redundancy can be challenging. Think of when you've needed to find additional storage or replace your tape backup. Can you reconfigure complex server architecture while reducing overall costs or avoid going out to purchase expensive drives that are underutilized?

AWS cloud-based solutions makes backup easier and increasingly cost effective.

  • Storing and archiving your data on the cloud is a clean and efficient way to manage your business. AWS, with the largest capacity, and widest variety of offerings, is an obvious choice
  • We simplify data storage. We've helped many customers their storage requirements to the cloud, while maintaining security, flexibility and integrity
  • Using AWS' highly reliable services, we architect, implement and maintain solutions that provide secure and cost effective storage

Implementing a Disaster Recovery environment with the right tools

Protecting your data from localized risks like fire, flood or worse human error is a must for business continuity. Before the cloud, Disaster Recovery was an expensive proposition. With the elasticity of AWS, and the surrounding ecosystem of tools, you can achieve low TCO and TPO very cost effectively.

  • We help you design, implement and maintain a comprehensive and efficient disaster recovery solution on top of AWS extensive platform
  • We have the right experience and resources for planning, testing and deployment
  • AWS cloud provides the elasticity to have your entire environment ready to be spun up, while only paying a minimal amount compared to doubling the cost for a replica environment sitting idle in another data centre

We will transform the way you operate by taking the complexity out of technology, regardless of where you are in your Cloud journey.