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First step towards any Cloud Adoption is to have the right strategy and complete Cloud Architecture in place. As you think about what your app will do and how it will scale, you will need to architect a way for your data to flow and be persisted, along with many ancillary concerns.

What we will discuss:

  • Architecture Paradigms
  • Application Layers
  • Architecting for Scalability
  • Architecting for High Availability
  • Docker & Containers
  • Security

Making the Right Architecture Decisions

Most of the architecture decisions you make will be a tradeoff of these factors:

  • Time:

    How long it takes you to setup

  • Team:

    How productive your team will be with this decision

  • Cost:

    How much you'll pay to AWS for these services

  • Risk:

    How much down time / data loss / security risk you're exposed to

  • Scale:

    How many users you can serve / how fast your app is

Multi-Availability Zone (Multi-AZ) architectures

When you launch a single EC2 instance, you are launching a virtual machine running on a physical server at one of Amazon's data centers. That means any of the following events could take down your instance:

  • Your instance itself could fail, or its underlying hard drive volume (Elastic Block Store volume) could become corrupted

  • The physical machine on which your EC2 instance resides could fail

  • The data center within which the physical machine is located could fail

In AWS-speak, the "data center" is called an Availability Zone (AZ). About 5 - 15 miles away from one AZ is at least one more AZ. A whole cluster of AZ's is known as a Region. There are 3 Regions in the USA and 11 worldwide.

We will transform the way you operate by taking the complexity out of technology, regardless of where you are in your Cloud journey.